Crew Changes & Accommodation

Crew change can be done without any additional cost at Istanbul Roads out of separation scheme under conditions as following.

Ship crew who hold a valid Passport & Seaman Book can embark or disembark free, without any extra cost to the vessel. The following documents are requiring from ship for crew change operations.

– Three copies of crew list
– Two copies of store list (including bunker and luboil)
– Two copies of cargo manifest for laden vessels

Necessary certificates for crew change formalities

– CSR (Continuous Synopsis Record)
– Safety Equipment Certificate
– Safety Equipment Form E
– Minimum Safe Manning Certificate

– Full Imo Crew list (stamped)

– Seaman book copies of on signers
– Passport copies of on signers
– flag endorsements (for on signer officers)

Change of any other person(s) without seamanbook, are subject to additional Light, Life Saving and Sanitary Dues which will cost approximately US$.0,5 per Nrt of vessel.

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