Crew Health Care

Health Consultancy

Call Center offers consulting service to authorized staff of Turkish, foreign air and sea vehicles to be under way in eveyr kinds of question and problems related to health and/or illness.


Sea Ambulance Service

With fully equipped  sea amambulances placed in Istanbul Buyukdere, Gokceada, Marmara Island and Canakkale, transportation of the patients who must be evacuated has been provided.


Medical Evacuation by Sea

In Turkish search and rescue area, in urgent cases after clinical evaluation it can be decided for the patient to be evacuated. When decision comes to medical evacuation, evacuation organization is done by liaising with other search and rescue units.


Please contact with representative for smooth operation.

 Who can Receive Free Services ?

– If you are under way on sea or air;

– For distant education and consulting service relating to illness and/or health,

– To receive medical consultancy in urgent cases.

Call Center: 90 (212) 444 83 53