Provisions Delivery

Istanbul is an ideal place to provide wide range of services to the vessels of all sizes and types at the anchorage area or even with slow-down speed    without dropping the anchore or stopping the engine  before or after pilot station for Bosphorus.

Ship Suppliers offers efficient service completed with provisions, cabin, deck, engine, all kind of technical materials, bonded stores and ship spares deliveries in transit while you are at slow-down transit at Turkish Straits.


The advantages of supplies at Istanbul ;


– Vessels sailing to / from Black Sea have absolutely no deviation to make for crew changes, bunkering, supplies, some repairs etc.,

– Availability of very modernized and quality local provisions items with favorable prices,

– Modernized Customs Regime have eased the Transit Applications to help incoming / outgoing spare parts deliveries.

– Highly industrialized and quality local stores items with favorable prices,

– Supplies to transiting vessels at slow down speed without dropping the anchor or stopping the engines to avoid causing any delay in their navigation program.

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