Passing Under The Bridges

Vessels that sail through the Strait of Istanbul in compliance with the traffic separation scheme shall pay attention to the warning lights of the bridges regarding sailing safety. Vessels, whose air draft is 58 meters and more may not pass through the Strait of Istanbul. Vessels, whose air draft is between 54 and 58 meters shall be accompanied by a tug boat of a number and force to be determined by the Administration to ensure that they keep their course.

There is no definite L.O.A. and/or draft restriction determined by Administration, however, The vessels that are length and/or whose draft is between 10-15m.,shall submit SP-1 reports to Traffic Control Center, at least 24 hrs before to their entry to the Turkish straits, the vessels that are 200-300 m. in length and/or have more than 15 m. draft, shall submit SP-1 reports at least 48 hrs prior to their entry into the Turkish straits.